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What does karma mean?

Karma refers to the product of a person's actions, some cultures believing that the energetic force that is karma informs an individual's next life. Some also believe karma causes good or bad things to happen to that person, a what goes around comes around mindset or that of We get what we deserve.

What does a karma necklace mean?

A necklace commemorating the idea of karma reminds us what our actions and mentality can do: put good into the world, get good back. Do the right thing, be a good person.

What is the meaning of a circle necklace?

A circle can represent many ideas. Others, aside from karma, can be unity, eternity, the lifecycle, and completeness. In terms of a relationship, this simple, universal symbol is a perfect representation of love and makes an exemplary gift (e.g., popular among couple's necklaces and jewelry!)!

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