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Necklaces With Your Name

Name necklaces

What's an amazing gift for nearly anyone and oneself? Custom necklaces and gifts! For women or men!

Name necklaces, by our definition, are necklaces customized most commonly with a proper noun: 

- your name;

- a loved one's name, especially kiddo or spouse;

- a nickname;

- a pet's name;

- a word or place that carries special meaning to the wearer.

Popular reasons for shopping personalized jewelry include gift-giving and self-representation!

Customizing jewelry for gifting

Most frequently we see gifting from our store aimed at -

- gifting new moms;

- unique birthday gifts, for men, women, kiddos, and others;

- custom gifts to honor loved ones in other ways (graduations; weddings; in memory).

What to know when ordering


As if you are writing a paper or crafting a speech, it’s super important you know the audience:

Who are you choosing these fun pieces for? Yourself? A loved one? A best friend or a cohort? Many options can be customized to cater to various relationships: e.g., an engraved locket can be an outstanding gift from a husband to a wife, engraved with a heartfelt phrase, initials, or the like, but it can also be made fun with an engraved nickname or the words Best Friends and a photo of bff’s placed inside.

What is your giftee’s age, and how keen are they on trends verses classic styles? For example, would they love diamond name necklaces or one that’s more minimalistic and classic?

Are they sensitive to any types of materials, such as nickel-laden, low-quality metals?

Birthstones can be very special; is your giftee a December birthstone?

Shopping for a significant other may mean going ‘all out’ and choosing a premium piece, or even a very specific necklace, bracelet, or ring for a milestone occasion, such as giving birth (e.g., push presents! See the push present gift ideas or read about what a push present is!). Shopping for a best friend may mean going all-out, too, sure, but what if you are a bride wanting to gift eight bridesmaids? Many of our options are 49.99 or below, keeping them in-reach for all occasions. From couple’s jewelry to gifts for friends and family, your wallet and giftees are sure to love you! Aside from keeping the above variables in mind, let’s consider a few more:


Do you know your giftee’s jewelry sizing? This is especially relevant in the case of ring-shopping. . . .

If time and opportunity permit, inquiring about ring size can be within a casual conversation. Remark about one’s own fingers, perhaps making a joke or poking good fun at them – mine are calloused from years of gymnastics, and I could make a joke of my tough-skinned hands, for example – and segue into asking about ring size. This is a method people may use to get a significant other’s ring size for gifting them a promise ring or even an engagement ring! Some ask family members or friends of the giftee, whereas others manage to find and measure a ring of his/hers! Another option is to choose adjustable jewelry:

Often, many necklaces and bracelets have extenders, which enables the wearer to adjust the sizing somewhat. Babes & Babies offers many adjustable rings, too.

As far as size, when not adjustable, it's better to err too big than too small in almost all cases of choosing jewelry. It is typically easier to size jewelry down when needed. For instane, jewelers can make rings smaller or remove links in chains.


Custom-making and/or hand-making jewelry requires a processing timeframe. Each custom piece is made-to-order, and we ship products as they are ready: timeframes can vary product to product, and a multiple-item order may be shipped to you in several shipments. On the Babes & Babies site, we do our best to provide insight on the gifting speeds and product options we offer:

Gift cards are an immediate idea! You simply purchase the amount you desire and print the email sent post-order so you can put it in your giftee’s card – or you can simply forward them the insight via email J

Our intermediate or ‘average’ ship-time is with gorgeous initial rings, other initial jewelry, some birthstone options, luxe pieces, and items that are not customized with a name, word, phrase, date, or engraving. These non-custom pieces require some processing and ship-time but are deemed ‘average,’ as no additional craftsmanship is required; let’s compare them to the custom necklaces and other personalized jewelry, below.

Custom necklaces, rings, bracelets, and even custom cufflinks require processing time because they are made to order. That is, due to the special name, phrase, nickname, word, date, or whatever we will be printing, carving, or engraving, the piece is made just. for. you! My sweet eight-year-old son and his cousin have a joke with my dad: he calls them Seek and Destroy because they love to find or create “trouble” as the dirt-loving, worm-digging, frog-collecting boys they are. I gifted necklaces for the boys, one saying Seek, the other saying Destroy, in a boyish font. No store would carry such words on-hand to suit our inside-joke! Plus, the advent of having something special-made for someone usually carries, well, special weight! J

When it comes to custom options, each can tell such a unique story! Do you have someone – or yourself – with a special nickname, specific meaningful date, mantra, words of wisdom, or even actual handwriting you’d want represented day over day, tangibly, via a gorgeous piece of top-quality jewelry?

Happiness Guarantee

Babes & Babies was born out of a desire to help people celebrate themselves and each other with the most sentimental, affordable custom jewelry pieces. Pairing utmost quality with true affordability, we hope these pieces bring wonderful memories your way! See our friendly policies here or consider these starting points:

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