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Push Present Ideas

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What is a push present?

A push present is a gift given to a new mother (and/or father!) before or after giving birth. A push present is a way to show new parents love and well wishes by gifting, usually with jewelry

Who gives the push present(s)?

Typically, this celebratory gift is given by the significant other or family!

Why are push presents a thing?

To celebrate and congratulate - the reasons to give a gift!

How much do you spend on a push present?

“But now, we're seeing more often guys specifically come in and say that they want a 'push present,'” Grainger said. Her customers spend an average of $1,000 to $2,000 on the presents. Often, push presents are symbolic of the baby. For example, the gift may include the birthstone of the child.

Do dads get push presents?

While most dads give push presents, dads being apart of celebrating the gift of pregnancy and life with gifts is special, too - we have a unisex and men's section here!

How do you ask for a push present?

If your significant other is unfamiliar with the concept, show them a picture or link of exactly want you want! Or, more subtly, tell an anecdote of someone you know or a story you read about gift-giving surrounding this monumental milestone!

Is a ring a good push present?

Custom necklaces, rings, and jewelry make for the ultimate personal, memorable gift. For example, you could choose a gemstone ring or pendant with your partner or newborn baby's birthstone as an unforgettable keepsake to mark the beginning of their life.

Etiquette and Expectations

A new life is the ultimate gift; parents ought not expect gifts such as push presents.

On the note of the term push presents, giving birth in any fashion (e.g., c-section, too) is celebrated! Celebrating the new life and milestone can be done with non-material gifts, too; the best gift anyone can give is love, support, and presence, not just presents!

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